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  • Flower Doctor

    Flower Doctor. Don't mix Daffodils with other flowers as they emit latex from their stems when cut, which shortens the life of other flowers.


    FLOWER DOCTOR. Remember that the more flowers in the arrangement, the need for water will increase. So be sure to check the water daily and add more water to the vase as needed.

  • Flower Doctor

    Flower Doctor: Roses should be places in a cool location, out of direct sunlight or drafts, and away from electrical appliances.



    Do not leave the succulents standing in a lot of water. Succulents need little water to survive, and in fact over watering can cause them to rot. We recommend watering your terrarium using a spray bottle.



    Always make sure that when you purchase cut flowers you do the following:
    1) ensure the vase is clean with good water
    2) use the fresh flower food provided.
    3) Re-cut your flower stems first
    4) Ensure to remove leaves below the water line.
    5) check water daily

  • Flower Doctor

    Why you don’t put flowers next to fruit:

    Ethylene is the only known gaseous, naturally occurring plant growth hormone. Ethylene gas regulates the ripening/aging of cut flowers and fruits. Due to the larger amount of ethylene production of fruit, the ethylene is released into the air in a gaseous form and absorbed by the flowers, which accelerates the ripening process of the flowers.

    If you are after longer vase life, consider moving your flowers away from any fruit baskets and place in a well-ventilated position.

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  • Flower Doctor: The Best For Cutting Flower Stems

    Leaf burning can cause leaves to discolour and go from grey to brown. It can also sometimes send the leaves crunchy.

    The causes of this are:

    - Excessive time in light

    - Lack of light

    - Too much flower food

    - Toxic metals in water

    - Cleaning products in the vase

    - Slime from other flowers or branches in the vase

  • Flower Doctor

    When purchasing flowers it is best to cut 2-5cm off the stems when flowers have been out of water for more than 30 minutes.

    You can use scissors, kitchen knife or pruning shears.

    It is important to ensure the tool you use is sharp and clean to avoid damage to the stem.

  • Flower Doctor

    Leaves can contaminate the vase. It is recommended to remove the leaves below the water level so that they don’t contaminate the water.

  • Flower Doctor

    Depending on the size of the arrangement will depend on how much water you will need.

    Arrangement height:
    25-40cm - 1 litre
    41-50cm - 1.2 litres
    51-60cm - 2 litres
    60cm+ - 3.2 litres

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