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    Our SWEET HAMPERS!! Do you know someone that has a sweet tooth.This is just the gift for them.

    An assortment of scrumptious treats nicely presented and topped off with a lovely bow.

  • Chertsey Primary School -Bi-annual School Fete.

    At Chertsey, they are committed to the provision of a comprehensive and quality education program. They strive to achieve this through staff, parents and community members working together to provide each student with the best possible opportunities

    Chertsey Primary School is a small community focused school with just nine mainstream and three support classes catering for the needs of students with disabilities such as Hearing Impairment and Autism. They are located at Springfield near Gosford.

    Chertsey Primary School is hosting their Bi-annual School Fete on Sunday the 20th October 2013. All funds raised go directly towards supporting the education of their students.

    If you would like to find out more about Chertsey Primary School you can on their website by clicking here.

  • Never know what to write on a card??

    Trying to convey how you feel in a card message to that special someone can be very challenging at times. We may have the answer for you.  The team here at Boydita have put together an album on our Facebook page to help you write the perfect card message for any occasion.  We have  Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well Soon and Sympathy messages available for you to use or they might just kick start your brain into action or direct you in the right direction to get just the right message you wanted to get across.

    You can check out our Facebook page or our Card Message Album by clicking one of the links below.

    Boydita Flowers Delivered Facebook page- Click Here.

    Card Message Album-Click Here.




    Central Coast Grammar School is hosting their annual Spring Fair. As always we are contributing with gift vouchers for prizes on the day. Central Coast Grammar School has a strong family spirit. Their caring and cohesive school community creates an environment in which children can excel.

    To find out more about Central Coast Grammar School you can visit their website by clicking here.

    Saturday 7 September 2013
    9.00am-4.00pm  |  admission free


    Enjoy a dazzling array of market stalls, the International Food Court, thrilling rides for children of all ages, musical performances from student ensembles, entertainment, the Chocolate Wheel and the fun-packed KidsZone bursting with dozens of arcade-style games. The Spring Fair also features local artisans, crafting guilds and displays by community services.

    The Art Show is held in conjunction with the Spring Fair. View an exhibition of artworks featuring painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, mixed media, glassware, and jewellery by prominent artists.



  • Niagara Park Public School-Trivia Night.

    Niagara Park Public School is hosting a Rock Quiz Trivia Night in August to help raise funds for their school. It has been requested by one of the P&C ladies if we would like to contribute to the Trivia Night prizes in the form of a gift voucher. We were more then happy to oblige.

    You can learn more about Niagara Park Public School  by heading to their website by clicking here.



    Father's Day will be here very soon, less then 1 month!
    This Gourmet Hamper might be just the right gift for that special man you call Dad.
    We can organise something like this to be delivered anywhere on the Central Coast, Australia or even the world. Just to let him know you care.

    All Father's Day deliveries will be made on the Saturday so your Dad can enjoy the flowers or hamper goodies all day Sunday.

  • Have you ever put a bunch of flowers in water in your nice crystal vase and afterwards did your vase have a dull appearance?


    This is why….
    Micro-organisms develop in the vase water, these are not only harmful to flowers but they also attack the flower stems. The organic material decomposed from the stem and micro-organisms themselves settle inside the vase you would know this as the scum lines on the side of a vase. In antique crystal vases this scum settles in the pores of the vase.

    To prevent the dullness of the vase you need to keep the vase water clean and clear, by also using the cut flower food in the water it will reduce in most cases the scum lines.

    Tests whether the crystal vases are harmed by the cut flower food using new and antique crystal vases with different vase solutions, showed that only antique crystal vases were sensitive to vase solutions. Tap water vase solutions were even worse than water with cut flower food.

  • Terrigal United Football Club.

    This Saturday 10th August 2013 the Terrigal United Football Club are holding a Trivia Night and Major Raffle to raise much needed funds for their club.

    The money raised at the Trivia Night will go towards new drainage for their home ground Duffy's Oval Terrigal as well as providing their coaches with licenced programs for their teams.

    We have donated a few gift vouchers for the event and wish them luck in the upcoming Trivia Night and Major Raffle this Saturday night.

    If you would like to find out more about the Terrigal United Football Club head on over to their website by clicking here.

  • Flower Of The Month-August


    Botanically named Matthiola incana, Stock are herbaceous plant which produce soft pastel pink, purple, cream and white flowers on single stems.

    Flowers resemble large apple blossoms and have a beautiful fragrance. Flowers open from the bottom of the stem and are usually available in the cooler months.

    When purchasing look for those with strong fragrance and nice clean, foliage.

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