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  • Mothers Day 13th May 2012

    Create a Memory  this Mothers Day. No matter where mum is, your local Interflora Florist will organise to have a beautiful arrangement of flowers sent to her. We can also include delicious Chocolates, a bottle of red or white wine, Champagne, or even some quality beauty or bath products.
    We can deliver to virtually anywhere in Australia or the world. To view our beautiful selection simply go to our secure online store at: www.flowersdelivered.com.au where you can shop 24/7 or call one of the friendly professional team on 02 4367 7496.
    We will be open in store on Sunday the 13th 9.00-1.00pm


  • Flowers Fuel the Soul and Create Inspiring Spaces

    From A to E, vitamins are responsible for strengthening our senses, bolstering our bones and invigorating our bodies from the inside out. Research proves that flowers, being dubbed by some as Vitamin F, help feed our need for serenity, inspiration, wellness, gratitude, love and optimism.

    Mind and matter are interconnected, according to personal fulfillment expert and best-selling author Jayme Barrett, as she points to university research studies linking flowers with happiness, creativity, compassion and tranquility. Barrett’s interiors expertise coupled with the floral investigations demonstrate that flowers hold an intrinsic, natural energy that, when used throughout the home, can create positive shifts in emotions, and lead to truly inspired living.

    “People and flowers both have a life force that needs oxygen to thrive, and light and water to live. And, when we are surrounded by nature, our emotions are calmed and harmonized,” says Barrett, who has applied the principles of Zen and feng shui to floral design. Her philosophy is that we can cultivate idyllic atmospheres by purposefully integrating flowers throughout our living space.

    In fact, research from America’s leading universities has cemented the connection that flowers have both scientific and emotional powers. As early as 2000, Rutgers University found that flowers create instant delight and happiness, and increase enjoyment and life satisfaction. Most recently, a Harvard University study introduced small bouquets of flowers into people’s morning routines and discovered that respondents immediately perked up, much like they would with a morning vitamin.

    “We need and deserve simple ways of creating homes where we feel happy and harmonious by disconnecting from the hectic pace of the world outside,” says Barrett. “Flowers are a wonderful way to ease the stress of everyday life and refocus our emotions more constructively.”

    So that anyone can introduce a range of positive floral energies in the home, Barrett shares a simple, do-it-yourself guide to creating Vitamin F arrangements. Her seven soul-stimulating energies include gratitude, wellness, inspiration and motivation, love and romance, new beginnings, serenity, and prosperity. Her floral formula factors in color combination, shape and significance, vase style, placement in the home and flower variety.


  • Why Flowers

    Do you remember the last time someone gave you flowers? What about the last time you gave flowers? Chances are, that memory is vivid. And there’s a reason why: Flowers come wrapped in emotion.

    Since the dawn of time, people have intuitively known the power flowers have on feelings. Only recently our intuition was proven right. Researchers at Harvard, Rutgers and Texas A&M universities have conducted studies proving flowers make people happy, spark creativity and decrease anxiety.

    Research conducted by psychologist Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., of Rutgers University proves the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed. “Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy,” says Dr. Haviland-Jones. “Now, science shows that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well being.” Her research also shows flowers make intimate connections, even inspiring increased social activity among seniors in addition to easing depression.

  • Anzac Day 25th April

    Anzac Day 25th April is probably Australia's most important national occasion. it marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australia and New Zealand forces during the First World War. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Laying of Wreaths, Flowers have traditionally been laid on graves and memorials in memory of the dead.The traditional Laurel wreath is made using Laurel leaves as the base,Laurel is used in mark of honour.The spray created at the base of the wreath traditionally consists of Red Poppies as they have been recognised as the flower of remembrance. A Least we Forget ribbon is placed across the wreath high on the left and low on the right symbolising the rising and setting of the sun,east to west.When placing your order this year be sure to advise the friendly team at Boydita your school ,group or organisations colours to enable us to include these in the wreath.


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