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  • Thankyou for your feeedback Winner

    Thank You to all our valued clients who took the time to complete our recent online survey. We really value your feedback which allows us to maintain our standards in making sure that your shopping experience with Boydita  Flowers Delivered is enjoyable and we are meeting your floral  requirements.

    We  would like to congratulate Leanne Paul of MCS Partners who was the winner of the $50.00 Boydita Flowers Delivered Gift voucher. We look forward to  being of service to Leanne soon.


  • Boyditas Team Member Denise will be appearing in The Central Coast Gang Show

    poster202010The inspiration for Gang Shows comes from Ralph Reader, who started Gang Show in London in 1932. Ralph Reader once said, “…  every night of the year, somewhere in the world a Gang Show is playing.” What a staggering thought! Central Coast Gang Show is proud to be a successful part of this worldwide phenomenon and also provide Scouts and Guides with the opportunity to take part in the performing arts. Gang Show is only part of a wide range of training activities available to members of the Scout and Guide movements, but it is perhaps the one single activity that brings together so many friends and supporters.

    Gang Show began back in London in 1932 under the title “The Gang’s all Here”. At that time Ralph Reader was one of the most sought after of all professional choreographers, yet he undertook to mix his professional and amateur activities, and he decided to write and direct the entire show. That decision, to put on a production to raise funds, was a move which would affect his career and which would change his life forever.
    Two of Reader’s earliest and best loved Gang Show hits were “Song in my Heart” and the London Gang Show theme “Crest of a Wave”.

    Soon after the Gang Show began the war years came along. The 1939 Gang Show was stopped in mid rehearsals as the nation mobilised, Reader’s future seemed set in a new direction. His counter intelligence duties for the RAF in France saw him posing as an entainment officer, and he organised a Gang Show with ex-scouts who had been drafted in to the RAF. The RAF Gang Shows, as they came to be known, grew to 25 different units consisting of RAF recruits considered unsuitable for combat duites. Many of these unknowns - Peter Sellers, Dick Emery, Tony Hancock, Norie Paramor - went on to become well-known entertainers.

    The RAF Gang Shows played all over the world - wherever the troops went, the Gang Show’s followed.

    The 1950’s saw the resurrection of the Scout Gang Shows. The concept spread throughout the world - Ireland, Hong Kong, Chicago and Australia to name a few. They were based on the London Gang Show in both concept and material.

    The Gang Shows were like any other theatrical presentation for that time except the stars were unpaid and the girls were boys! Up until the 1960’s Gang Show was a male domain.

    The 18th of May 1982 was a day that marked the passing of a great man - one whose contribution to Scouting throughout the world is exceeded only that by Baden-Powell.

    Ralph Reader was a theatre legend. In his lifetime he produced 19 shows on Broadway, 34 in London’s West End and 50 shows in the Royal Albert Hall. He also wrote 15 books of plays, played in 5 films and composed over 400 songs

    The Central Coast Gang Show is on at Laycock Street Theatre starting Wednesday 13 th July until Saturday 16th July for more information you can go to www.centralcoastgangshow.org 
    We wish Denise whom is one of the Team at Boydita Flowers Delivered every success in the performances we know that so much time and effort has been put into making this a special event. Boydita are also proud to be a sponsor of the Gang  Show.
  • Woukd you like to become a Florist ???

    If you are looking for a career that provides an outlet for your creative flair,then floristry may be for you. Florists design and create bouquets and  floral arrangements for many different occasion’s,such as the birth of a child, a birthday ,anniversary, get well wishes or to honour people on occasion’s such as funerals. Many people just love to have flowers in their office or home.

    What Does A Florist do?

    A Florist daily duties include preparing and conditioning flowers so that they will last,creating bouquets and arrangements,setting up shop displays as well as taking customers orders. Most people order via the telephone,but as online buying becomes increasingly popular, florist need to have computer skills

    To satisfy our customers florists  have to have good communication skills, they need to be able to translate their customers wishes into an  artistic floral design. Being able to manage the use of your time is also very important , as there is always delivery time frames to be met.

    Emotions are the main reason for customers buying flowers, which is why we as florists need to understand and consider carefully customers requests.

    Floristry is also hard on the hands, and physically demanding because you are on your feet for most of the time and you are required to lift heavy  flower filled containers and buckets.

    Working  days for a florist is generally 9-5 , this can  change from shop to shop. However at special times of the year such as Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas, it is not unusual for florists to work through the night.


    There are no formal education requirements for entry into the floristry industry, however most retailers do prefer applicants to have completed Year 10. Entry level courses and traineeships are available through Tafe and some private providers. to become a fully qualified Florist, you need to complete a Certificate III in floristry. Certificate IV is also available for those who would like to own  or manage a shop.

    Employment Opportunities At  Boydita Flowers Delivered

    At Boydita Flowers Delivered we often have positions available for people wanted to train as a florist or whom already are qualified florists, if you would like to become part of the  award winning team on the Central Coast  please forward your resume to lynross@flowersdelivered.com.au. If  we don’t have a position at the time you forward your resume we will keep it on our files for the very next time a position becomes available. at present we are looking for a bright, well groomed, enthusiatic ,good team player and good communicator  who loves to exceed customers expectations in customer service to join our team, so please forward your resume to us or maybe you know someone whom would like to  be a florist and you could send this onto them.

    Recommended  Web Links

    We have listed below a few  links that  have some very useful information about  The  Floristry industry and the  courses that are available.

    NSW Tafe

    Job GuideFlorist

    Florist Careers

    Service Skills Australia

    We sincerely hope you find this  useful information andif we can be of any further assistance please send your comments or emails to us as we are very happy to assist. Its a passion that’s very dear to me Floristry,I have been in the industry some 28 years now and  I can tell you I have enjoyed it all from training and gaining some of the highest qualifications available in floristry to competing, representing my state, then Australia at the World Cup in Rome something I will never forget, to eventually running my own school, one of the first  registered vetab Floristry schools in NSW.Training many good florists many whom now have their own businesses.Floristry can take you all over the world its really up to you how far you decide to take it.

  • Flower of the month-Tulip

    Tulips have a special charm, which is that they don't know when to stop growing, other flowers stay put once they are cut, not the Tulip which will keep on growing in the vase gaining 2.5cm in height or more. They bend gracefully they twist and turn, leaning this way or that towards the light. The Tulip is bent to please.

     When Buying Look For:
    * The bud should be closed,but the colour of the flower should be evident
    * Stem ends should be green
    * Foliage should green and free from yellowing

    Flower Care :
    * Keep cool, never place in the sun
    * Recut at least 2cm off each stem and place in cold water
    * Use Preservative in the water as this will  help buds open
    * Donot combine with Daffodils or narcissus which exclude a slimy substance that shortens the life span of other flowers by clogging their water uptake channels


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