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Monthly Archives: April 2009

  • Boydita Blasted to Temporary Location


    Due to someone blowing up our Fountain Plaza Store we have  now a makeshift store set up at the rear of Brando's at Fountain Plaza Erina. We are fully functionally and looking forward to be able to continue to provide our great friendly professional service in providing quality unique floral designs on the Central Coast or virtually anywhere in the world through our Interflora service.You can still order online at www.flowersdelivered.com.auor please phone one of the friendly Boydita team on  61-0243677496.

    It all happened on Tuesday morning the 21st April  when someone decided to blow up the Westpac ATM which was located right next to us. It completely blew up the bank and Boydita Flowers Delivered store it was horrific to find our beautiful store in this state but  Flower Power will remain and we expect to return back to our store  in approximately a months time, looking even more beautiful.

    We would sincerely like to Thank everyone that has been so kind and supportive to us it really has made our time a lot easier to deal with it gives you enormous strength to know so many people care.We have had so many clients calling in with cards and well wishes it really has effected so many people.

    Our Centre Management at Fountain Plaza have been exceptional anything they could make possible for us they have done for us all very quickly as though it was no effort and just the normal, which in fact it was above and beyond for us.

    Star 104.5FM were straight onto the air for Boydita advising evewryone what had happened and where we had set up a makeshift shop, doing lots of extras for us to get the message accross for us being a week and a bit out from Mothers Day one of our peak trading times this has been enormous to us.

    Signco at Erina dropped everything to have our signage put in place to let everyone know where we had relocated to , this was a big ask for a small business to put other jobs aside to give Boydita  priority, this was sensational service.

    Our good friends  at the Telstra office situated in Fountain corporate were outstanding in getting our communications back together again a huge job and so vital to our existence.

    Boyditas  IT consultant Rod, Interflora,  The NAB  and Westpac Banks, Scott at Kelly Partners Accountants, Kim from Erina Chamber of Commerce , Jon  at Bergan Blue,  Craig at Parsons  Mowers and so many of the Fountain Plaza  Business Community have just been overwhelming in their support and we THANK them very much.

    The Boydita Team will continue to provide the Central Coast with its great Floral Service.

  • Laurel Wreaths for Anzac Day

    The use of wreaths,especially constructed from Laurel Leaves continues a tradition that dates back to antiquity.

    The Greeks gave a wreath of Laurels to winners in the Pythian games and beginning in 776BC to victors in the Olympic Games. The most favoured origin for the practice is rooted in Greek Mythology.

    The Romans adopted the laurel wreath and its association with success,placing them on the heads of successful military generals during a triumph.A public celebration in ancient Rome to welcome a returning victorious commander and his army.

    War often incorporate a laurel wreath as part of a commemorative  embellishment,and fresh wreaths containing laurel may be placed on memorials by dignitaries on important days such as Remembrance Day and Anzac Day.The fact that the tree is an evergreen is further symbolic suggesting fidelity to the memory and recognition of sacrifice made by the nations youth.Red poppies are included in memory of the  fields where the battles took place. Rosemary is also used as a symbol of remembrance.

    Boydita Flowers Delivered can customize a Laurel Wreath to include your club or school colours including a least we forget ribbon.



  • Flower Of The Month- Easter Daisy

    Easter Daisies are grown in the field and come in a range of colours like white,pink and mauve.The use of Easter Daisy in Floral Designs at Easter is very popular.

    When Buying Look For:

    * At least half the flowers should be fully open

    *Round Flowers with unblemished petals

    * Foliage should be firm and green with no sign of yellowing

    Flower Care

    * Keep cool,never place in the sun

    * Strip leaves from bottom half of each stem

    * Recut at least 2cm off each stem and place in cold water

    *Use a commercial floral preservative in the water this will keep flowers looking good for longer.


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