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Monthly Archives: January 2009

  • Hints And Tips For Rose Care

    Botanical Name: Rosa Hybrida

    Common Name : Rose

    What to Look for :

    * Flowers with strong stems to support blooms

    * Slightly open buds, this will vary between varieties, but in general if given the correct preservative treatments then the vase life will be better than those slightly open rather than tight in bud.

    What to Do :

    * The vase life of a rose is highly dependant on the rose being kept well hydrated at all times

    * Recut the stems under water on an angle with sharp secateurs or a knife.

    * Use a commercial preservative in the water

    * Remove all leaves below the water line

    What to avoid :

    * Do not place in sun or draughts

    * Do not place on top of television


  • Registering on our new online store!

     Buying flowers online has never been easier with our new Online Store! With a simplified checkout process,user friendly interface and account tracking features, our new store allows you to buy flowers quickly,easily and securely whenever you want!

    If you were a user of our previous store, you may notice a few changes:

    * Our new online store requires that you register with a new user name and password. You can no longer use your email address to login. Instead, you must register again and create what is called a user name. You will then use this user name along with a password to log in.

    * We have introduced a new MY ACCOUNT section to the store where you can update your details and track your current and previous orders with ease.

    * You also have access to your own personal ADDRESS BOOK! this allows you to send flowers to similar delivery addresses, even easier than before!


    So Give it a try! Were sure you'll be happy with the changes!

  • Flower Of The Month- Lily

    Botanical Name: Lilium species

    Common Names: Oriental Lily, Asiatic Lily

    What to look for:

    * At least two buds fully developed and about to open

    * Dark  green foliage, free from yellowing

    What to do:

    * Recut stems every few days

    * Use a commercial flower food in the water

    * Remove anthers containing pollen

    * Remove lower leaves , lily leaves age more rapidly than the flowers and give off ethylene.

    What to avoid:

    * Pollen stains on clothing or carpets.

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