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  • Caring For Your Flowers At Home

    Carry your purchases home carefully. Keep them wrapped,cool and out of direct sunlight and away from wind and draughts. They will deteriorate quickly if left in a hot closed up car.The boot of a car is a good place to transport flowers than on the seats, as generally its cooler and protected from the sun.

    When you get them home, remember the three golden rules:

    * Keep them cool

    * Keep them watered

    * Keep them fed

    Choose a clean vase

    If you are unable to arrange the flowers as soon as you get home,place them in a bucket of water containing flower food.

    Ensure the bucket or vase is clean.The brown residue on the inside of the vase is bacteria which will block the stems and reduce water uptake.Clean dirty vases by filling them with warm water and a small amount of bleach.Either scrub or leave them soaking in the solution for a few hours before rinsing.

    Use Clean Water and a preservative

    Commercial cut flower food is available in a powder or liquid form. It is important to follow the mixing instructions exactly. At Boydita Flowers Delivered we supply free a sachet of flower food with  your flowers as we too want you to get the most out of your flowers.

    Strip underwater leaves

    Leaves contain bacteria and fungi that will quickly foul the water and allow bacteria to grow, so we always advise to remove any foliage that is below the water level.

    Cut Stems at an angle

    Other old and persistent beliefs include burning,bashing or slitting stems, research has shown that smashing stems drastically reduces the ability of flowers to take up water.

    The most important step you can take to prolong the life of your flowers is to recut their stems. Whenever a flower is out of water for any length of time,tiny air bubbles are drawn up the stem causing a blockage, these can be removed by recutting the stem about 2cm from the base.

    Always cut the stems on an angle. This increases the area available for water uptake and stops the stem from sitting flat on the bottom of the vase thereby preventing water uptake. Use a sharpknife,secateurs or scissors. Blunt ones will damage the stem and prevent water flow.

    Place the flowers in the vase

    When arranging the flowers make sure the vase is not over-crowded. Flowers need room to breathe.

    Choose the display site carefully

    Place the flowers in a cool position away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat, such as heaters,lamps,or television sets. Also avoid draughts and ripening fruit which gives off ethylene.

    Change the vase water regularly

    If you are using a commercial flower food it is advisable just to top up the water daily with a flower food solution.

    Remnove dying and damaged flowers and leaves

    Remove the dead flowers to prevent the healthy ones being contaminated by ethylene.

  • Formal Flowers Now Available

    It Is that time  of the year again when we are looking forward to all the school formals happening.

    We have a great range of Formal Flowers available from beautiful handcrafted wrist corsages set on a hand crafted bracelet which can be adjusted to suit any size wrist, individually designed with the colours of the gown and jewellery in mind.The use of beautiful Singapore orchids or miniature roses are a popular choice for their size and beauty.We are noticing that the Men's Buttonhole created to match the wrist corsage are becomming very popular amongst the males of today, these usually feature a bloom the same as in the wrist corsage complimented  with the use of  ivy,camelia and other assorted foliages to suit.

    We do prefer you to pre order your  wrist corsage or buttonhole to allow us to meet your specific requirements.

    To view our Formal Flower selection you can visit our online store at www.flowersdelivered.com.au

  • Visit Our New Online Store

    Lyn and The Team at Boydita Flowers Delivered are proud to launch the Beautiful new Boydita Flowers Delivered website and fully secure online store.

    Be one of the first 100  customers to place an order on the new online store and you will go into the draw for a chance to win a Spectacular Premium Rose Design presented in a beautiful glass vase , delivered to the person of your choice or yourself any where on the Central Coast, Prize will be valid until 30.12.08 and valued in excess of $200.00.

    The new online store has many new fantastic features to make shopping online a lot easier and user friendly, with the ability to store your favourite delivery addresses and other details , you can search the store by price or occassion making it a whole lot quicker and easier to shop.

    To visit our new online store you can go to www.flowersdelivered.com.au

    We can can flowers delivered on the Central Coast, Australia or virtually anywhere in the world.



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