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Monthly Archives: September 2008

  • How Effective are Home Brews, such as Chlorine,Copper Coins,Soda Drinks,Sugar, Asprin Ect

    Flowers and DIY Care and Handling

    The short and the straight, the "Home Brews" all do part of the job but none of them does it all,due to the following.

    * Improper Concentration

    All of them i.e. lack of instruction on proper dosage

    * Chlorine

    Too agressive to plant tissue,clothes and human skin. Dosing must be very precise,and it still gives only a short effectiveness.

    * Copper Coins

    Too slow of a release on reduction of micro-organisms growth and now days very few coins in circulation have a copper content.

    * Soda Drinks

    Small spectrum not a universal product,effect on flower opening and ph reduction.

    * Sugar

    Food micro-organisms, explosive growth followed by stem blocking, short effect on flower development.

    Enviromental Threats

    No registration and labelling for chlorine,overall ineffective or even toxic, high costs per vase.

    Remember: At Boydita Flowers Delivered The Cut flower food comes free with your flowers. Make sure you use the right amount of cut Flower Food for the size of the vase used.(The Best Match) if unsure just ask one of our friendly Team for Professional Advice.

  • The Trinh Foundation

    Boydita flowers Delivered is proud to be able to help the Trinh Foundation in its fund raising function that will be held at The Bamboo Buddah  Wattle Tree Rd Holgate on the 19th September.

    One of Boyditas long term clients Sue Woodward has been doing some really great work with The Trinth Foundation in Vietnam. The Trinth Foundation ia an independant voluntary, not for profit Organisation which Sue formed to promote and help fund the establishment of formalised Speech Therapy Training Course in Vietnam.

    The Trinth Foundation also aims to promote and assist funding programs which will enable the effective management of communication disabilities throughout Vietnam.

    To Learn More About THe Trinh Foundation Visit http://trinhfoundation.org/

  • Flower Of The Month-Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea

    Botanical Name: Lathyrus odoratus

    Common Name : Sweet Pea

    When Buying Look For:

    * Top buds coloured,near full size (i.e not shrivelled) but unopened\

    * Strong Fragrance

    What To Do:

    * Recut stems and place in floral preservative solution

    * Keep cool and away from heat

    * Donot mist flowers as this causes them to become infected with mould.

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