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  • History of Boyditas Famous Fragrant Dozen Roses

    Boydita Roses commenced operation on the Central Coast in 1974 by Brian and Dawn Roe, A Third Generation Local family that was born and raised on the Central Coast. Brian was renowned for his prize winning show roses, taking out many Australian titles. Brian and Dawn were regular exhibitors at Sydney's Royal Easter show and Rose shows held throughout New South Wales and Australia. Being the pioneers of commercial Rose Growing on the Central Coast the local family bunched their roses in A dozen to a bunch, this was not always the way Roses were sold to Florists at this time as many of the Dutch Growers had started producing Roses in Glass Houses and sold their Roses in 10 in a bunch.

    Boydita Roses have always been produced on the Central Coast for the Local and Sydney Florist Market , Boydita has always been known for their quality Dozen Roses that have a very special fragrance that most Roses do not have anymore . Roses that are grown in controlled environment's are produced for their numbers not for the fragrance.

    A Dozen Roses is symbolic of Romance , The Long stem Roses as we know them today are typically variants of a classification of a rose known as a Hybrid Tea. These Roses originated in the 1800s when for the first time, roses newly introduced from China were cross bred with European roses. The results were revolutionary that the advent of the Hybrid Tea rose is generally regarded as the turning point between the Old Garden Roses and Modern Roses. These long stemmed Roses with large single blooms combined with the scent of the tea rose with the ability to bloom repeatedly throughout the season, They also introduced a whole new range of colours to the palette. They grew quickly in popularity and are now the Roses most often used to express our heartfelt sentiments to our loved ones.

    A Dozen long stemmed Roses are special because of the meanings associated with them. They carry a wealth of significance that adds to their already impressive appearance. The traditional message of A Dozen Roses is I will remember you always. They can also be used to communicate to someone " I Still Love You" and of course a Dozen Roses is the ultimate expression of true love.They can represent a love that runs deep and is long lasting. A Dozen Roses can express that extra bit of love and gratitude to someone who is extra special.

    As one of the most highly prized and sought after flower the Dozen Roses enjoys a unique position with the world of flowers.

    The custom that has arisen from giving a Dozen Roses has come from the significance of the number twelve within many aspects of nature,religion and philosophy. A Dozen Roses have also become a representation of perfection and completeness, these associations can be largely attributed to the symbolism of the number twelve itself.

    The number twelve is often used to represent a complete cycle, such as the twelve months of the year, the twelve hours on a clock or the twelve signs of the zodiac. In fact cultures around the world from ancient to modern times have developed calenders based on cycles of twelve. The number appears throughout mythological and  religious traditions as well. The re occurrence of the number twelve accross the natural and spiritual world has given it a sacred and mystical quality which is universal. These aspects all play into the significance of A Dozen Roses.

    Roses come in a variety of colours but there is one common thread A dozen Roses, whatever the occassion may be the quantity of the Rose is A Dozen ,it adds a wealth of magnitude to the underlying message. This is why sending A Dozen Roses continues to be such a popular way to communicate our most heart felt sentiments.

    When it comes to conveying a special  message with Roses send A Dozen Roses.

    Boyditas Famous Fragrant Dozen Roses can be found at Fountain Plaza Erina on the Central Coast  were they have set up a state of the art retail Florist Shop which has become the Central Coasts most Awarded  and Favourite Florist being on the coast for over 34 years now. The Famous Fragrant Dozen Roses are now grown on Boyditas own Rose farm at Somersby.


  • Why Not Burn Or Hammer The Stems?

    What are the negative effects of burning?

    Burning the stem ends "kills" the stem. At first an increase of water uptake might be noticed,but after a few days the burnt(dead) stem end will start to decompose and release organic matter from its bark. This is the perfect food for micro-organisms and the vessels will become clogged and water uptake will be reduced dramatically or even stop altogether. The result is wilted and limp flowers within a few days.

  • What are the negative effects of Hammering ?
  • By hammering the stems, plant tissue is being crushed. This injury of the plant tissue will result in leaking of cell content. This organic material is nourishment for mcro-organisms (fungi,bacteria) resulting in an explosive multiplication of the number of bacteria. The result for the consumer will be : reduced vase life and strongly smelling bacteria perfumes. In addition, crushed stem s in a glass vase are not amongst the pleasantest of things to look at.

    Why Smoke Is Bad For Flowers!

    Protect yourself,your family and your flowers

    Today most tobacco boxes are labelled with text like: Smoking will kill you and is bad for your children to live in. Opposed to this Flowers are good for people and make them happy. but  flowers and smoke don not mix very well,as smoke produces ethylene gas which negatively affects vase life performance of flowers.

  • Do The Flower Stems Need To Be Re-Cut


    Always recut the stems.The answer to this question is clear: yes all stems have to be recut!!!!

    There are 3 major reasons why this should be done:

    1:If a stem is cut from the mother plant, the wound at the stem end will start to seal up, just like the sealing wound on the human skin,this has a major negative effect on the flower as water uptake will be reduced or even completely blocked!

    2:Bacteria are often present in the lower part(2.5cm) of the stem.Due to the size of the micro-organisms, they are unable to pass and move higher into the stem, so by removing the lower end of the stem with a sharp knife/secateurs the micro-organisms will be removed.

    3:Air bubbles in the flower stem will obstruct the vascular system, strongly reducing the water uptake,finally resulting in bad vase life. By recutting the stem the air bubbles will be released.

    Tools for Recutting the stems

    It is essential to recut the stems if the flowers have been out of water for more than 30 minutes. These are some of the tools that can be used.

    * Kitchen knife

    * Florist knife

    * A pair of scissors


    The two most important issues are:

    * The knife or secateurs or other cutting device should be sharp. You can check this very easily. If you put the knife on your fingernail it should not slide away,another method is to see if it easily cuts a sheet of paper. A sharp knife is important, since dull blades will crush the flower stems,which will result in more damage and leaking cells that stimulate the micro-organisms growth and ulimately result in premature wilting of the flowers.

    * The knife or secateurs should be clean. Tools polluted by micro-orgabisms will infect the stems and subsequently the next vase solution immediately, thus affecting vase life performance.

    How Do I Clean My Cutting Tools?

    It is important to regularly clean your cutting tools with bleach or wahing up liquid. This should be done every time.


  • Reminder Service Winner for April

    We are proud to announce that Natasha Ennion of Terrigal  is the April  winner of the Boydita Flowers Delivered $30.00 Gift Voucher for registering on the Boydita Flowers Delivered  Free SMS or Email Reminder service. Congratulations Natasha and we look forward to seeing you in store soon.If you too have an important date or occasion, Your Partners Birthday,Your Anniversary,Your Best Friends Birthday, Your Parents Anniversary, or any special occasion, there can be lots of important dates to remember! If you forget Boydita Flowers Delivered will Remember thanks to our free "Reminder Service" Register now online at www.flowersdelivered.com.au or by phoning 43677496 and let one of our friendly professional team help you. Remember you too will go into the  monthly draw for a chance to win a $30.00 gift voucher.

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