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Monthly Archives: February 2008

  • Flower of The Month- Easter Daisy

    Botanical Name: Aster novi-belgii

    Family : Asteraceae

    Common Name : Easter Daisy

    Country of Origin : Europe

    Availability : All year round especially summer and autumn

    Easter Daisy belongs to the Asteraceae family, with the name  being Latin for aster,meaning star. This is a description of these flowers, which have many petals coming from a yellow centre. They come in the colours of White, Pink, or Purple and are extremely popular at Easter time for floral decorations.

    Easter daisy are grown in the field mostly  in the hills west of Sydney.

    When Buying Look For:

    * At least half the flowers should be fully open.

    * Round  flowers with unblemished petals.

    * Foliage should be round and green, with no sign of yellowing.

    Flower Care:

    * Keep cool,never place in the full sun

    * Strip leaves from bottom half of each stem

    * Re-cut at least 2cm off each stem and  place in cold water

    * Use a preservative in the water as this will keep flowers looking good longer.

    Interesting Notes

    During the middle ages, the English had two names for this flower, asters and starworts. Aster is Latin for star and referred to its star-like shape, while wort means root and was given to all plants with healing properties.

    Easter Daisy Symbolise Love or Daintiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Caring for Your Valentines Day Roses

    Do Stems Have To Be Re-cut?

    Yes always re-cut the stems always

    There are 3 major reasons why this should be done.

    1: When a stem is cut from the mother plant,the wound at the stem end will start to  seal up, just like the sealing wound on the human skin, this has a major negative effect on the flower as water uptake will be reduced or  even completely blocked!

    2: Bacteria are often present the lower part (2.5cm) of the stem due to the size of the micro-organisms,they are unable to pass and move higher into the stem. So by removing the lower end o0f the stem with a sharp knife or secateurs the micro organisms will be removed.

    3: Air bubbles in the flower stem will obstruct the vascular system, strongly reducing the water uptake, finally resulting in bad vase life. By re-cutting the stem the air bubbles will be released.

    Why Should Or Should You Not Change The Water?

    If only tap water is used, the vase solution and the stems vascular system will be contaminated with micro-organisms within a few days. For aesthetical reasons or bad smelling water changing the vase solution may be considered. Remember, using cut flower food makes changing the vase solution unnecessary during the entire vase life. When cut flower food is used, topping up/refilling with a flower food is recommended to keep micro-organisms growth under control. Preferably top up/refill with the same flower food used. Refilling is usually required after 5-7 days.

    Hints and Tips for longer lasting

    * Take Flowers home immediately and place in water as quickly as possible

    * Choose a clean vase, Clean dirty vases by filling them with warm water, adding a few drops of bleach and letting stand for 2-3 hours.

    * Add clean water and  a preservative (flower food), this will keep the water clean and feed the flowers.

    * Strip all leaves from the part of the stem that will be under water. Leaves contain bacteria and fungi that quickly breed and foul the water ,killing the flowers.

    * Cut stems on an angle, use sharp knife or secateurs, not blunt scissors, then place straight into water,cutting at an angle makes sure the stem will not sit flat on the bottom of the vase and prevent water uptake.

    *  Take care when arranging the flowers in the vase, make sure the stems are not jammed into the vase, or that the ends of the stems are not smashed against the bottom of the vase.

    * Choose a display site carefully, keep flowers away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat such as heaters, lamps or televisions.Flowers should also be kept away from fruit which gives off a gas could ethylene which accelerates  the detiriation  of the flowers.

    * Remove dying or damaged flowers and leaves to prevent fungal infection or rapid wilting due to ethylene.

  • Love Month


    February is Love Month on Sea Fm 101.3 Central Coast . Boydita Flowers Delivered is proud to be  a selected business in conjunction with Sea Fm  to offer our clients the opportunity to win a Mitsubishi Lancer VRX.Win your Valentine a beautiful Mitsubishi Lancer VRX by filling in an entry form the next time you are in store and pop it into the Love Month Box on the counter. Dont forget to ask one of the friendly team for your free car sticker that you can put on your car,then tune into Sea Fm and listen for more info and the chance to win!!!!.

    The car will be drawn on Friday March 17th during the Benchwarmers with Ant and Becks between 4pm and 7pm, so fill in the entry form next time you are in store as we would LOVE one of our Boydita Flowers Delivered clients to be the winner of this Beautiful Car.

    To view more information and the Terms and Conditions Click Here

    STAR 104.5 and Boydita Flowers Delivered spreading the Love  for Valentines Day

    Listen to Star 104.5 FM Central Coast this weekend  for the chance to win one of twenty $50.00 Floral  Designs  being given away this weekend.

    The Road Star Team will also be handing out Beautiful single stem Roses so be sure to listen  so you too can share in the  giveaways.

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